General Information

The Good Weekend Magazine is inserted into the Saturday editions of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers. It is a saddle-stitched product,ßprinted on 52gsm Electrastar 80 ISO, using web offset technology with mid tack uncoated process inks. Finished product size is 355mm x 278mm.

  • Measurements are given in millimetres and are as height x width.
  • All live copy must be kept within the type area; this includes all text, image, keylines and keycodes.
  • Type Area Only specs on broken space ads are designed to sit within the Type area of the whole page.
  • Broken space ads that bleed are designed to centre the type area within the ad space.
  • For type area across the gutter, please allow minimum of 3mm clearance on each side of the spine.
  • Perfect-bound issues require a wider gutter. Please allow a minimum of 6mm clearance on each side of the spine.
  • Do not use fine borders around the edge of a bleed advert. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of trimming due to the nature of web offset printing processes.
  • Mechanical specifications are subject to change without notice. Please confirm with production.


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Mechanical Specifications

Page Specifications

SizeType AreaTrim SizeBleed Area
Full Page335 x 258mm355 x 278mm365 x 288mm
1/2 Horizontal153 x 258mm173 x 278mm183 x 288mm
1/2 Vertical335 x 117mm355 x 137mm365 x 147mm
1/3 Horizontal98 x 258mm118 x 278mm128 x 288mm
1/3 Vertical335 x 74mm355 x 94mm365 x 104mm
Horizontal Strip 30mm10 x 258mm30 x 278mm40 x 288mm
Short Cover Wrap255 x 258mm275 x 278mm285 x 288mm
Cover Spine Strip365 x 20mm


SizeType AreaTrim Size Bleed Area
Double Page Spread335 x 536mm355 x 556mm365 x 566mm
1/2 Spread153 x 536mm173 x 556mm183 x 566mm
1/3 Spread98 x 536mm118 x 556mm128 x 566mm
Horizontal Strip 30mm Spread10 x 536mm30 x 556mm40 x 566mm
Short Cover Wrap Spread255 x 536mm275 x 556mm285 x 566mm

Creating your PDF

Please refer to the PreparingArtworkGoodWeekend.pdf* document for instructions on creating your PDF and to download settings files.

*The configuration and settings files referenced and provided in this document are packaged as .ZIP archives. Macintosh and Linux computers are shipped with unzip utilities. If you are using Windows, you may need to download a ZIP utility to unpack these files. There are a number of applications available on the internet and while Fairfax does not endorse any particular product, we provide a link to a widely used, free and open source application: 7 Zip for your convenience.

  • We accept press ready, high resolution PDF files.
  • We recommend saving the file as an EPS out of your native program and using Acrobat Distiller to create the PDF.
  • PDFs generated from within Office packages such as Word, Excel, Publisher or Powerpoint are not acceptable.
  • PDFs generated from Adobe Photoshop are not acceptable.
  • PDFs created from native programs such as Indesign, Quark Express, Illustrator or Freehand are acceptable.


When preparing your advertisement in your native program, please ensure that your paper size and your advertisement size are the same. Registration and trim marks are not required.

Fonts and Type

We do not recommend reversing text out of four colour images.

Minimum type sizes

  • SINGLE solid colour: 6pt
  • COLOURED type on a white background using two or three colour plates: 8pt
  • REVERSED type out of one colour plates: 8pt
  • REVERSED type out of two or more colour plates: 12pt san serif bold


All colour must be supplied as CMYK.

Total Ink Coverage

Please ensure all elements including any TIFFs, JPEGs, or EPS images within your file do not exceed CMYK Total Ink Percentage of 270%.

Image resolution

We print at a linescreen ruling of 133lpi.

Please supply a minimum of:

  • Images: 300dpi
  • Single Bitmap: 2400dpi

All logos should be supplied as either single bitmap or vector artwork.

Insert Specifications

Please see the Good_Weekend_Insert_Specifications.pdf document for details.

Lead Times

Advertising material for Good Weekend Magazine is due 12 noon Wednesday – 10 days prior to publication. Material received after deadline is automatically viewed as out of specification

Revision: 7.07 Fairfax reserves the right to change the specifications without notice at any time!

Disclaimer: Whilst internal production processes may verify that material is within specifications the onus is firmly on the tradehouse to supply material within specification. It is also a requirement of our specifications that advertising material be delivered on time so quality checking procedures can take place. Late material is liable to incur additional production costs. Fairfax Media reserves the right to refuse any material that does not meet our specifications