Meet Sienna, married and on the move.

For Sienna, marrying her dreamboat hubby Jack last year marked the start of an exciting new life.

Sharing a flat with three girlfriends up until then was fun. A blur of parties, spa trips and, on occasion, girly pep talks. (They’re still her favourite concert and theatre buddies).

But she and Jack have made big plans since moving into their inner city rental. Which they beat off other tenants to get, because they were filling out the application form on Sienna’s next-gen smartphone before they’d even finished the inspection.

"Next year, our first house. Then a baby. But first, we’re travelling."

First they’re off to London for a year, because his developer firm wants him to experience head office. They’ll travel Europe, but are saving for a home so will stay sensible with expenses. Budget hotels and ethnic food carts are, like, totally part of the fun.

For now, they’re debating whether to sub-let their fully furnished apartment or end the lease. So they’re crowd-sourcing opinions from friends online, which is practically where they live for several hours a day.

Sienna is always comparing notes with her friends, young, curious and going places like her. Connect with her preferences, and they’ll soon be checking you out, too.

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