938,000 Total Readership

MyCareer is one of Australia’s leading destinations for job seekers. We provide tools and information for job seekers in Victoria and New South Wales – and a highly qualified audience for advertisers.

By advertising within MyCareer in print or on tablet, you can:
• Talk directly to high quality, relevant candidates
• Create your own integrated advertising solution for maximum reach
• Improve visibility of your employment brand by extending across print and digital products

MyCareer is just one of many Fairfax brands that can help you to reach potential candidates. For more information on executing a recruitment campaign across multiple Fairfax brands, visit the Fairfax Employment Network page, or download the Media Kit below. 

Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending April 2017 | Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly April 2017.


47% Male
53% Female
Social Grade
  • 36% Social Grade A
  • 22% Social Grade B
  • 19% Social Grade C1
  • 13% Social Grade C2
  • 10% Social Grade DE
  • 11% Less than $40,000 per year
  • 17% $40,000-$79,999 per year
  • 17% $80,000-$119,999 per year
  • 26% $120,000 or more per year
12% S.I.N.K.S
12% D.I.N.K.S
32% Families
26% Empty nesters
  • 34% Managers
  • 4% C-Suites
  • 19% Business Decision Makers
  • 5% Technical Trades
  • 4% Community & Personal Services
  • 9% Clerical & Administrative
  • 4% Sales
Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Apr 2017 | Nielsen Online Ratings Apr 2017.

Print readership

  • Total

Print overview

By using the print landscape of Fairfax Employment, you can put your message in front of the best people. High quality publications that attract a more astute readership. Appearing each Saturday in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Saturday Age publications, MyCareer’s print product allows you to: • Reach thousands of professionals each Saturday • Quality editorial content attracts high quality, active and passive candidates • Place your listing next to intelligent, employment focused editorial content • Gain extra exposure with a prime position putting your job in the early editorial pages of MyCareer
Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Apr 2017 | Figures are Average Issue Readership.


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