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Audience Networks

Essential Parenting

Essential Parenting is a network that brings together two of Australia’s most loved parenting sites, Essential Baby and Essential Kids.

MADE by Fairfax Media

MADE is Fairfax Media’s Brand and Content Studio. It leverages our extensive content creation capability across digital, newspapers and magazines, video, radio, TV, events and more to create a range of innovative content solutions for your brand.
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Fairfax Blueprints

Fairfax Blueprints are framework solutions, designed to create high impact rich media executions, quickly and easily.
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Employment Network

The Fairfax Employment Network is a targeted, bespoke advertising solution designed to help Australian employers find the right people for the right jobs. Reach a large, high-quality talent pool through a collection of Australia’s most trusted brands.
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Brand Discover

Brand Discover is Fairfax Media’s native advertising solution. It allows advertisers to showcase branded content across The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers, websites, m-sites and tablet apps.
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Celtra Smartphone Creative

Celtra offers a simple creative platform that allows for the easy production of high impact smartphone ads. See the Celtra smartphone ad formats available across Fairfax Media digital news mastheads and digital lifestyle brands.

Digital Network

Over half of digital Australians consume Fairfax Media content.
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D&A Data-driven Network

Fairfax D&A offers a range of data-driven advertising solutions. With one of the biggest and most diverse data audience pools in Australia, Fairfax D&A allows advertiser to target specific audiences.
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DRX Performance Network

Fairfax Media's DRX Performance Network provides mass reach, cross-screen digital solutions that combine premium websites, with leading ad optimisation technology and exclusive Fairfax Media audience data to deliver direct response campaigns.

Fairfax Exchange – Trading Desk

The Fairfax Exchange is an automated digital marketplace that offers programmatic trading solutions across Fairfax Media’s display, mobile and video inventory.

Mobile Network

The Fairfax Mobile Network allows advertisers to execute innovative high-impact campaigns, reaching a broad engaged audience anytime, anywhere.
Audience Networks

Business Network

The Fairfax Media Business Network is a collection of Australia's most trusted business and personal finance brands, focused on delivering quality news and up to the minute information.
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Audience Networks

Education Network

The Fairfax Education Network allows advertisers to execute innovative high impact education campaigns across more than 280 Fairfax owned and partner brands.
Audience Networks

Food & Wine Network

The Food and Wine Network consists of Fairfax Media's key food and wine products, providing information to a highly engaged and loyal audience of 3.6 million people each month across multiple platforms.

Strategic Features

Strategic Features are unique editorial publications that are built around specific topics of interest driven by audience, editorial and consumer needs.

Direct Marketing

Fairfax Strategic Publishing specialises in the delivery of direct response driven media solutions for advertisers via non-traditional paper executions.

Good Guides | Book Sponsorship

The Food & Wine Network’s Good Food Guides have been the bible on eating out for over 30 years. With a reputation for producing trusted guides on Food, Pubs, Bars, Cafes and Bars, the iconic ‘hats’ have become an integral part of dining.

Fairfax Events

As part of Fairfax Media – Australasia’s leading media company, Fairfax Events produces a portfolio of major events with the support of our leading media outlets.

Fairfax Syndication

Fairfax Syndication manages the commercial licensing for all content on Fairfax Media publications and websites including Articles, Headlines, Photographs, Cartoons, Video & Multimedia and Reprints.
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Client Events

Fairfax Newsroom Tours

Hosted by Fairfax’s senior journalists, our exclusively offered Newsroom Tours are tailored to suit advertising clients needs.
Feature -  Behind The Stories Series
Client Events

Fairfax Behind the Stories Series

The 'Behind the Stories' series, provides our clients insight to ‘the stories behind the stories’ featuring Fairfax renown journalists.