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Fairfax Media’s Digital Innovation Services (DIS) is an in-house team of specialists that conceive and build non-standard ad executions. Our focus is on custom rich media units across desktop, tablet and mobile as well as the native advertising space. The team works closely with Fairfax Media’s national sales team on cross-platform brief responses and delivery.

Part of the Product team, the DIS team creates new advertising opportunities for clients and agencies. The DIS team are typically engaged when a sales brief asks for a market first or a big idea in the custom display space. We’re involved in the whole value chain from ideation, pitching and design to build and optimisation.


Digital Innovation Services
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What custom solutions do we offer?

  • We conceptualise market-first and big-idea campaign opportunities
  • We develop new custom rich media ad products (across all digital display platforms)
  • We work with media and creative agencies to bring their creative campaigns to life on our sites
  • We build rich media mobile campaigns for clients

Who are DIS

DIS is a team of digital designers, developers and project managers, housed within the Product team. We bring a product development approach to everything we do, ie we try to understand and solve the problems of our users, in this case agencies and advertisers. If a sales brief asks for a market first or a big idea, we’re the ones to discuss ideas with as well as flag production costs and potential technical issues around the execution. Generally DIS is only engaged when there is a significant spend in the custom display space (roughly $50k +).

What is our mobile capability?

Via the DIS mobile creative unit we offer advertisers in-house capability for mobile and tablet advertising solutions. We offer ideation, creative thinking and production (build in HTML5) championing rich media units driven by mobile-specific interactivity. We offer this service when advertisers spend $30k+ minimum.

Examples of our work

Get Inspired: this has examples of the vast range of digital advertising opportunities offered by Fairfax Media across mobile, tablet and desktop. Click the ‘Custom Space’ button to see examples of solutions created by the DIS team.

Youtube: this has all of our live ads in video format so users can see exactly what it is that these executions do in their natural environment.

Contact Us

If you would like to bounce ideas off us, or see what you can do, please contact us at:

After framework based rich media solution?

Fairfax Blueprints are a new framework solution, that use pre-built code bases to create high impact rich media executions, quickly and easily.

For more information visit the Fairfax Blueprints page.