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Executive Style began in 2008 as a newsprint page in the Business Day section of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald before gaining a loyal following online with its pithy mix of smart, shareable stories covering premium lifestyle content. A stand-alone website was launched in 2015, followed by a glossy quarterly magazine insert in August 2017 reaching the country’s most engaged, sophisticated audience.

The tag line is ‘Smart men. Cool things’ – and that’s exactly what you’ll find online and in print, including the latest news about coveted cars, cutting-edge suits, luxury watches, spectacular travel and fine spirits you need to know about now. With a stable of passionate contributors including business travel guru David Flynn, Australian spirits expert Luke McCarthy, fitness fanatics Michael Jarosky and Laura Hill, style queen Jane Rocca and watch legend Bani McSpedden, Executive Style is the go-to brand for men in the know.

Executive Style is Australia’s premier destination for sophisticated male professionals who enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it’s a prestige car, a tailored suit, a beautiful timepiece or a fine whisky, we know it’s the things you want – not the ones you need – that generate the biggest buzz. It’s also about living the life you want, from fine dining and top-shelf sipping to a luxury property purchase and how you keep yourself in top shape – mentally and physically – every day of your challenging but rewarding life.


Age 14-29
Age 30-44
Age 45-64
Age 65+

  • 58% Social Grade AB
  • 21% Business Decision Makers
  • 41% Managers & Professionals
  • 57% Home Owner/ Have Mortgage

Household Income $40,000-$79,000 p.a
Household Income $80,000-$119,000 p.a
Household Income >$120,000 p.a


  • emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT; People 14+ for the 12 months ending November 2017 Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, November 2017; People 14+


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