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AFR Print

The information below covers The Australian Financial Review.

Mechanical Specifications

The Australian Financial Review

Full Page

(38x7) h: 375 w: 260mm

Junior Page

(28x5) h: 280 w: 185mm

1/2 Vertical Page

(38x3) h: 375 w: 110mm

(38x4) h: 375 w: 147mm

1/2 Page Horizontal

(20x7) h: 200 w: 260mm

Large Strip

(14x7) h: 140 w: 260mm

1/4 Page Vertical

(20x3) h: 200 w: 110mm

(20x4) h: 200 147mm

1/4 Page Strip

(10x7) h: 100 w: 260mm

Corner Block

(15x3) h: 150 w: 110mm

(15x4) h: 150 w: 147mm


(10x3) h: 100 w: 110mm

(10x4) h: 100 w: 147mm

Mini Strip

(5x7) h: 50 w: 260mm

Triple Mini

(15x2) h: 150 w: 72mm

Stacked Mini

(10x2) h: 100 w: 72mm

Movie Ticket

(5x3) h: 50 w: 110mm

(5x4) h: 50 w: 147mm


(5x2) h: 50 w: 72mm

Newsprint Technical Specifications

The following are print specifications to assist the preparation and creation of PDF artwork files for Newsprint advertising for the above mentioned publications.

Image Resolution

We print at a linescreen ruling of 100 lpi. Please supply at a minimum of:

  • Images: 150 dpi
  • Single bitmap: 600 dpi

Logos supplied as either single bitmap or vector artwork.


Colour should be supplied as CMYK.

Total Ink Coverage

Ensure all elements including TIFFs, JPEGs, or EPS images do not exceed (CMYK) 240% total ink.

Fonts and Type

It is not recommend reversing text out of four colour images. Minimum type sizes are:

  • Single solid colour: 6 pt
  • Coloured type on a white background using two or three colour plates: 8 pt
  • Reversed type out of one colour plates: 8 pt
  • Reversed type out of two or more colour plates: 12 pt san serif, bold


When preparing your advertisement in your native program, please ensure that your paper size and your advertisement size are the same. Registration and trim marks are not required.

For more detailed print specifications and colour reproduction guidelines please refer to Fairfax_Technical_Reproduction_Guidelines_News.

Creating Your PDF

Documents submitted to Fairfax must be saved as a PDF. PDF files must be created with a PostScript application. PDF versions higher than V1.3 are not supported.

  • Press ready, high resolution PDF files
  • Save the file as an EPS out of your native program  (Acrobat Distiller ) and create the PDF
  • PDFs from Word, Excel, Publisher or Powerpoint are not acceptable
  • PDFs from Adobe Photoshop are not acceptable
  • Fully rasterised PDF’s from, or placed in any application are not accepted, due to extremely poor reproduction of fonts
  • PDFs created from native programs such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, or Illustrator are acceptable


1. Create an EPS file using a PostScript software applications. Instructions for popular programs can be found here:

2. Convert the EPS to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Distiller

Photoshop Colour Settings

A Colour Settings File (CSF) has been developed to use Photoshop to enable effective image conversion from RGB to CMYK or RGB to Greyscale. In converting the image this file will also adjust maximum ink weight and incorporate Grey Component Replacement (GCR) settings for newsprint.

Delivery Methods

Fairfax Media Print Publications do not accept material directly via email. For a full list of acceptable delivery methods refer to Delivery Methods.

Material Deadlines

For information on AFR print material deadlines review the table below.

Upcoming Special Publishing dates

Easter AFR publishes 18.04.19 on sale until 22.04.19.
Life and Leisure Thursday 18.04.19
Anzac Day 25.4.19 – Non publish date
Queen’s Birthday 10.06.19 – Non publish date

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