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Carousel MREC

The Carousel MREC is a standard IAB Medium Rectangle banner shape that incorporates a carousel function for advertisers to showcase multiple shots.

Preview Pos 3 Desktop demo here

Product Rules

  • Min of 4 tiles and max of 20 tiles
  • Desktop only ad unit


Metro Publishing Built & Hosted

  • Background image
  • Tile Images (Min 4, Max 20)
  • Navigation buttons (left & right buttons) [optional]
  • Click URL / Tracking per tile + Default Logo click through
  • Impression Tracker
  • Backup image

3rd Party Hosted

  • 3rd party tags (creative within the tag needs to be spec below, and to product rules above)


Metro Publishing Built & Hosted

Background & Backup Image

300 x 250px
File Size
File Type

Carousel Tile Images

230 x 150px
File Size
File Type

Lead Times

  • Metro Publishing Build Tier 2: 5 business days prior to live date
  • Client Served Tier 2: 5 business days prior to live date

Lead time may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the execution (please refer to the Digital Advertising Guidelines for more information)

Advertising Guidelines

TheĀ Digital Advertising Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of the rules of digital advertising across the Metro Publishing Network.

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