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Data & Audiences

Data & Audiences use data centric advertising solutions to make advertiser’s digital campaigns work harder. With access to over 20,000 unique data points on our audience this is achieved by having a data strategy which encompasses the following 5 principles;

Data Centralisation

Using market leading technology we are able to collect valuable audience information from multiple data sources and store them within one data management platform (DMP).

Direct Data Partnerships

To enrich an already strong data offering, we have data partnerships with (exclusive), TEG Analytics (MyTicketek) & Red Planet (powered by Qantas); providing direct access to the source of valuable, insightful and high-quality data.


Metro Publishing’s extensive digital network of over 250 sites is home to some of the most trusted brands in Australia, delivering high quality content to a unique audience of 11.5 million Australians every month.


We understand that your campaign objectives and target audiences differ with each campaign, therefore audience targeting shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. By slicing and dicing the audience data within our DMP, we have the flexibility to provide you with either a pre built or a bespoke audience profile.


To ensure you’re comfortable that we’ve designed the best possible audience segment for your upcoming campaign, we share detail about the actual data points that have been accessed to create your target audience profile.

Contact us if you’d like further information about how we can use data to inform:

  • Campaign strategies
  • Media selection
  • Content creation
  • Creative execution
  • Audience targeting

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