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Delivery Methods

Print advertising material delivery channels for metro newsprint titles.

Complete advertising material for Metro Publishing mastheads must be saved as a PDF and delivered via one of the approved delivery channels listed below. For advice, please contact the applicable service directly.


AdDelivery portal is a free service for all Metro Publishing customers. All material will be processed through our preflighting workflow. An email notification will be sent confirming a successful upload or supply a report for unsuccessful material.

Please ensure you have your Booking ID and height of advertisement to be able to upload your material.

For newspaper and magazine assistance please contact Advertising Production Support.


1300 666 326


Adstream (formerly Quickcut) provides software to assist with PDF validation and can arrange delivery of your ad on a fee-for-service basis to most newspapers and magazines in Australia.

For more information visit


Adsend (formerly Websend) is a digital delivery service that will validate PDF files and arrange immediate delivery of ads to most newspapers and magazines in Australia.

For more information visit


If you’re delivering your final PDF material to any Metro Publishing newspaper publication, SEND Lite is the fastest and cheapest way by far once you have your booking number. Nothing to join, no hassle.

For more information visit


AdDesigns is a one stop design solution specialising in meeting customer needs in all Metro Publishing publications.


Advertising material delivered digitally to Metro Publishing will only be accepted if the file includes the correct booking or material identification number.


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