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Smartphone Interscroller

The Interscroller is an inline interstitial ad format. The content comes into view as the user scrolls the publisher page. When 85% of the placement is viewable, the content will “snap” to takeover the entire viewport. The user can scroll out of the screen view to dismiss the ad.

Preview Mobile demo (requires mobile device) here

Product Rules

  • Product to run with a full width bleed
  • Video files must be user initiated . Please refer to Digital Ad Guidelines for more information.
  • Must have content bars at the top and bottom of the ad


Please speak to your Account Manager about the below options that work best for your campaign, including our design services.

Metro Publishing Built & Hosted – Production costs apply

  • Animation description – can be visual or literal
  • Annotated frame by frame storyboard respective of each device – pdf preferred
  • Font files and colour codes
  • Layered PSDs of the below specifications
  • Click and Impression Trackers

Access Storyboard guide here

3rd Party Hosted

  • 3rd party tags (creative within the tag needs to be spec below, and to product rules above)


Fall back banner, along with front and back units are required to build the Interscroller.

Mobile Dimensions

Metro Publishing Built & Hosted

375 x 667px (Displayed) 750 x 1334px (Supplied for Retina)
File Type
Layered PSD
Download mobile template

Please note for retina display mobile artwork needs to be supplied at double the actual artwork delivered.

  • Page weight should not exceed 200KB
  • Video page weight should not exceed 5MB

Fall Back Banner

Ad Type
Standard Display Mobile
320 x 50px
File Type

Fallback will show when the ad is displayed in an unsupported environment, and is mandatory on all builds.

  • Compatible on iOS 8 +, Android 4.4+, Safari & Chrome (latest version).
  • Not supported in Microsoft Edge.

Lead Times

  • Metro Publishing Build Tier 3: 10+ business days prior to live date
  • Client Served Tier 2: 5 business days prior to live date

Lead time may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the execution (please refer to the Digital Advertising Guidelines for more information)

Advertising Guidelines

The Digital Advertising Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of the rules of digital advertising across the Metro Publishing Network.

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