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Smartphone Eclipse

The Eclipse advertising unit in Weatherzone’s iPhone, Android and iPad apps is an integrated unit that allows advertisers to align their brand with the current weather conditions and reach an engaged audience daily.


Typically the user is shown an icon that relates to the most current conditions for their location. This is part of an immersive experience that has been integral to the apps success and replication of this with an advertisers message is critical to the success of the campaign.

When a user jumps out of the shower in the morning and needs to know what to wear that day this key overall experience is an important factor for them to kick the day off on the right foot.

  • A well thought out message from an advertiser that is reinforced with confidence in the weather information will resonate with the user and enhance the brand.
  • A poorly constructed message that confuses the user about the weather will frustrate them and have potential detrimental effects to the brand.

Product Rules

  • Permitted to run on the Android and iOS Weatherzone apps only
  • No animation permitted – flat JPEG file only (see Deliverables / Specifications below)
  • Booking & creative design must target weather conditions listed below (depending on the campaign targeting you will need one, two or possible all of these to be produced):
    • Sunny – Sunny days or days with patchy cloud with a low chance of rain or showers clearing
    • Cloudy – Overcast days but low chance of rain
    • Windy – Windy days that may also have rain
    • Rain – Rain varying from showers and drizzle through to heavy rain.
    • Storm – Thunderstorms, often with lightning
    • Snow – Not required for most parts of the country


Component Dimensions File Size File Type Notes
Smartphone Image 750x1334px 200KB JPEG Smartphone PSD templates

Click here

Tablet Image 2052x2048px 200KB JPEG Tablet PSD templates

Click here

Click URL Click through URL or optional 3rd party click tracker
Impression Tracker (Optional) overall Impression tracker


  • Image for smartphones. Please use the smartphone PSD template in the table above
  • Image for tablets. Please use the tablet PSD template in the table above
  • Click URL
  • (Optional) impression tracking URL


  • 3rd party click tracking supported
  • 3rd party impression tracking supported

Lead Times

  • Tier 2: 5 business days prior to live date

Blueprints and custom builds may be subject to minimum spends and/or production costs – refer to your Account Manager for further details.

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